Who Usually Sees Me for Therapy?

BP Therapy Referral Reasons

Searching for the right counselor can be extremely hard, so I’d like to help you get on the right path. Here are some of the most common reasons clients see me.

Teens and Gender Identity

Gender Affirming Therapist Brett Peppe MA, LPC, LCADC

When people think about the LGBT* community often their minds go directly to issues related to sexuality, but LGBT* is really an umbrella term that reaches far beyond issues of sexuality.

Talking to Youth About Death

Talking About Death with Youth

The idea of explaining and discussing death with youth is one that is often met with resistance. Many people find this discussion to be uncomfortable, frightening and/or intimidating.

The Launch of BP Therapy

BP Therapy NJ Telehealth

Offering HIPAA secure telehealth (live phone and video) services. New clients will receive a free 15 minute phone consultation!