“Where you look affects how you feel.” -Dr. David Grand

Brainspotting was discovered by Dr. David Grand in 2003 while he was using EMDR with one of his clients. In that session, Dr. Grand and his client unlocked one of the most powerful brain-based therapies that consistently promotes rapid, lasting and effective change.

Brainspotting uses relevant eye positions to assist clients in processing trauma stored in the subcortical brain. Dr. Grand explains further that, “Brainspotting allows us to harness the brain’s natural ability for self-scanning…so we can activate, locate, and process the sources of trauma and distress in the body.”

Together the therapist and client pair a fixed eye position and body sensation to a trauma or distressing issue. This rapid, effective mind/body centered therapy goes beyond the cognitive awareness and connects clients to their body’s innate wisdom to heal itself. Clients report they are often able to find the cause of their conflicts and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Is Brainspotting for me?

Brainspotting is a therapeutic tool for everyone with a proven ability to address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal. If you are new to therapy and are looking for a way to change destructive patterns, Brainspotting can help resolve the emotional and physical pain that keeps you stuck in those patterns.

If you have been in therapy before, but have the sense that your work could go deeper, Brainspotting can take therapy to another level of healing. If you are uncomfortable with talking about your past traumatic experiences, this technique will enable you to heal without having to retell your story. Lastly, Brainspotting can be used to enhance creativity, performance, and create regulation in your brain and body.

Applications of Brainspotting

  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Anxiety, phobias and OCD
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Recovery from injury and accident
  • Trauma resulting from medical interventions and treatment
  • Stress and trauma-related medical illness
  • Performance and creativity enhancement
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions
  • Addictions (especially cravings)
  • Environmental illness and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Preparation and recovery from surgery
  • Mass trauma including war and natural disasters

For more information visit the Brainspotting and/or Southeast Brainspotting Institute website.

Services are only available to people in New Jersey.

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